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There are many ways to categorize cabinets or cupboards. When working with kitchen layouts, we often use placement as a way of grouping cabinet plans. Most kitchen cabinet placements refer to upper cabinets, lower cabinets, above refrigerator cabinets, below kitchen sink cabinet and pantry cabinets - essentially ceiling to floor cupboards.

While cabinet size isn't a typical grouping - be aware that size IS an issue when planning for wardrobe and home office cabinets - as well as those that will be installed in the kitchen and bath. Cabinet drawers, and that includes custom cabinets for your closet or wardrobe - may not be as deep as your kitchen cabinets. If you are planning a project, make sure you measure your space carefully.

Cabinets are also grouped according to style. This is usually based upon the general theme of your home décor and furnishings. Most common style groupings are:

  • Traditional cabinetry
  • Transitional cabinetry
  • English cabinets
  • European cabinets
  • French Country cabinetry
  • Modern cabinetry
  • Art Deco cabinets

Of course, there are many other variations - but these cupboard classifications are the most common.

Cabinets may also be grouped according to construction. Framed cabinets have face frames to which the cabinet doors are attached and the face frame has horizontal rails and vertical styles. This cabinetry is chosen by designers for its versatility and can be used in any area of the home. Unframed or European cabinets do not have a face frame. The hinges are attached to the inside of the cabinet so the doors overlay the cabinet box and the space between doors is minimized when they're closed.

Other considerations when planning your cabinet installation include type of wood and finish. Some woods are clearly more appropriate for certain uses. For instance, you would probably want your wardrobe cabinets made of Cedar - while Oak, Walnut or Mahogany would be better for home office or library cabinets. Bathroom cabinets and cupboards often present the special situation of how to deal with steam and moisture. Ideally, Teak is a good choice but hardly practical due to cost and machining considerations. For the bath, you may even want to consider moving away from wood altogether - or going with some type of Whicker construction if your storage areas are to be standalone or moveable. Some wood composites are constructed especially to be moisture resistant. Let your cabinet installer guide your choice of woods for each room.

The finish on your cupboards and cabinets is either going to be paint or some type of stain with a sealer. Common sense appliers here. Paint your kitchen cupboards in a high gloss, easy to clean finish that is also resistant to heat and stains. Bathroom cupboards should be able to shed water and steam. If your wardrobe dressers, drawers and cabinets are cedar - don't paint them at all. Office cabinetry and library shelves will probably be stained.

Once cabinet placement, size, construction and finish are determined - don't forget about the hardware. Cabinet hardware will reflect the theme of your house or the room. This is one of those fun things that leave a lot of room for creativity. You have several items to consider. Cabinet hardware includes knobs and "pulls" as well as hinges, interior catches and railings. Like everything - budget can come into play here. Mix financial practicality in with your emotions while making your choices. If you are doing a "low end" kitchen remodel (let's say, under $15K) in a house that appraises for under $200K (are there any left???) - you probably don't want to buy 40 to 50 drawer and cupboard door pulls at $28 a pop.
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