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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Tips are a compendium of suggestions and essentials that can turn into "gotcha"s if you're not "on top" of your project. Remodeling an Phoenix AZ home - or any high end home - can go from low budget to high budget with just a few wrong turns. When you retain Ultimate Kitchens to remodel your kitchen, wardrobe, bath, home office - or any area that good cabinetry would improve - we bring decades of experience on how to avoid common home improvement pitfalls.

  • Plan, plan, plan
  • Have a contract
  • Learn about the kitchen "work triangle" and plan yours
  • You may be one bathroom short for 1 to 3 months. Have a "use" schedule in place.
  • Don't forget permits
  • Save money - handle the old kitchen and/or bath demolition yourself if you have the time and energy
  • If you handle the demolition, order the trash bin at least a week ahead of time
  • If this will be a messy demolition (Is there any other kind?) and remodel, have plastic sheets ready for the rest of the house
  • Rent an outdoor toilet unless you want workers using your bathroom
  • Don't forget to consider window treatments as part of your remodel
  • Check cabinets, appliances and sinks for dings and damage when they arrive
  • Use decorative switch and outlet faceplates
  • Set up a temporary working kitchen (microwave, indoor electric grill or hot plate, mini fridge or ice chest)
  • Have the kitchen and/or bath emptied ahead of time
  • Clean out the garage so you'll have space to store the kitchen and bath items
  • Sell or give your old appliances away
  • Consider updating your electrical service
  • Since the walls may be open, consider any piping repairs or improvements now
  • Reroute ductwork as needed
  • If you'll be putting in new drywall in some areas, primer the new drywall AND all other walls with the same primer for uniformity before you repaint the entire kitchen and/or bath
  • Make sure your appliances and cabinets are available at the same time since one usually abuts and must be matched to the other
  • Electricity and gas must be turned off before installing new appliances
  • If utilities are going to be off, you may have to make alternate plans for laundry, cooking and bathroom use
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Ultimate Kitchens provide kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling to Phoenix AZ homeowners. Placing heavy emphasis on quality custom and semi custom cabinet installs, we transform your kitchen and bath into comfortable living spaces using the best in cabinetry from QuakerMaid cabinets, Plato Woodwork custom cabinetry, and Jay Rambo hand crafted cabinetry. When remodeling your home, rely on licensed contractors working with industry leading cabinet and appliance suppliers for a successful project. Ultimate Kitchens remodels homes in the Phoenix AZ areas of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Maricopa County. We also serve high property value inland areas of Phoenix AZ such as Troon and Biltmore Estates - and will travel out of state for kitchen remodeling jobs of significant scope. We also provide courtesy to the trade and engage in partnerships with interior designers and home decorators to produce outstanding award winning designs. Ultimate Kitchens Designs works with a broad range of period styles including Traditional cabinetry, Transitional cabinets, French cabinets, English cabinets, European cabinets, Art Deco, Modern and French Country cabinets.  

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