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Bedroom cabinets will frequently be found inside a walk-in closet, or wardrobe, where their functionality must accommodate all manner of foldables - such as certain blouses, sweaters, nylons and socks, undergarments and shoes. It is best, though not essential, that wardrobe cabinets be constructed of Cedar in order to fight mildew, reduce moths and silverfish - and impart a nice smell to your clothing.

When cabinets for the bedroom are outside of the closet or wardrobe area - they may be in the main bedroom or just outside the bedroom door where some home designs have a small bedroom foyer. You will have to decide if the bedroom cabinetry and shelving is going to blend in with the wall or provide some type of accent or match to your furniture style.

Cabinet style can be a tough decision, but a little common sense will help. If you are not planning to live in your home for more than 5 years - or you know that you will definitely be moving at some future time - then opting for "design neutral" cupboards, cabinets and shelves makes the most sense. They should be perceived as clever and very functional - but should not establish a specific style unless you are doing so throughout your entire home.

The reason for this is that you don't want your "permanent" cabinets to compromise your ability to sell your house quickly. If you have a well established cabinet style, such as French Country, French Provincial, American Traditional, etc. - and your prospective buyer already has thousands of dollars in Mediterranean furniture - the clash might kill the sale. Having neutral cabinets, fixtures and shelving for bedroom and wardrobe will allow any buyer's furniture to fit into their new home more easily.

On the other hand, if the home your are redecorating or remodeling is your home for life - or close to it, then matching your bedroom cabinets to the furniture style used for your bed, night stands, and dressers is a viable option. Caution!! Does your taste in furniture change frequently (every 3 - 5 years). If so, forget about period style matching and stay design neutral.

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